GET A CASH OFFER: 855-41-BUYER (855-412-8937)
GET A CASH OFFER: 855-41-BUYER (855-412-8937)
GET A CASH OFFER: 855-41-BUYER (855-412-8937)

Reasons to Sell

With the sale of your largest asset, the selling of your home, you want to work with the best property buying company. Florida Property Buyers Group is an experienced leader in purchasing Florida real state – we have the knowledge, professionalism, and capital that will deliver for you.

Our property specialists need 45 minutes of your time to make you a cash offer to buy your house. It is a free no-obligation meeting, and completely confidential.

Florida Property Buyers Group is able to assist homeowners going thru almost ANY situation. Whatever your reason is for selling, we are here to help you sell your home and able to discuss your options with you.

Avoid Foreclosure

Don’t let the bank or government take your home away!

Some homeowners approach us because they are behind on their payments or facing foreclosure and don’t want to ruin their credit as well as losing everything they have worked so hard for.  Unfortunately, many families are feeling the financial pressure every day and we are here to assist families like you with a quick, and hassle free sale.

Short Sales

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute!

When a foreclosure or auction date is rapidly approaching, the next best strategy is to sell your house quickly through a short-sale.  This process will allow you to sell your home and avoid foreclosure but what happens when the bank doesn’t agree to your buyer’s contract price. When short sales don’t close, the home still goes into foreclosure and the homeowner is sometimes left with out of pocket expenses and much time wasted. We can buy homes in as fast as 10 days and can bypass the foreclosure and short sales process altogether.

Health Problems

Has life taken its toll on you?

Whether young or old your health is truly the most important thing in life.  If your health has declined or started to get worse don’t wait until the house falls apart.  Let us help you put money in your pocket and avoid all the house maintenance or repair costs. When we buy a house you don’t even have to clean!

Retiring or Downsizing

Too much to take care of or entering your twilight years?

Are you reaching the golden years or is your house just too empty or too large for you to maintain?  Sometimes it is better to sell and move on instead of holding on to a property that is going to require too much care.  We can buy your house for cash if you are ready to sell!


Splitting or even have a court mandated sale of your house!

Divorce is ugly!  When a married couple is going thru a divorce, why add to the already high stress and aggravation.  Let us help you while you are going thru this hard time. Sometimes it is better to sell and move on instead of holding on to negative memories, extra expenses, taxes, repairs, etc.  We can buy your house for cash and close on your time-frame!

Inherited Homes/Probate

If Its Too Expensive, Let It Go

Inherited homes are sometimes more troublesome than they are worth?  Sometimes the home is in a different state, has a bad tenant or just has memories that you would like to keep in the past.  When a loved one or friend passes away sometimes the expenses of owning an inherited home become too much and we need to sell the home quickly. Contact our property specialist at 855-412-8937 to talk about your situation.

Bad Tenants

Have a Problem Tenant

Have you ever decided to sell a rental property and the tenant gets really upset?  Ever had a problem tenant with payment problems, or even where they did damage to your house?  We buy houses without requiring any repair from you, and we will handle the tenant eviction.  Don’t be a Distressed Landlord, call us today at 855-412-8937!


Moving On!

Many people relocate for reasons like new employment, being in the military, downsizing, medical reasons, or retiring, etc.  If you need to relocate, sometimes the house your leaving behind isn’t worth the money or energy to repair it or you may not even have the time.  Move forward to the next chapter in your life and let Florida Property Buyers Group help you sell your house now.

Estate Sales

Executors or Family members

Have you ever lost a family member or close friend and are now in charge of their estate? If you have an inherited house and want to sell it quickly, we are here to help you and will make you a cash offer and close quickly.


Serious Financial Issues?

If you are considering bankruptcy or have already filed for bankruptcy… Life is obviously taking its toll on you and your family.  Call us today so we can buy your house and put cash in your pocket!  Let us help you start to get back on your feet.

Do you have a Distressed Property or Difficult Life Situation

Need to Move on, Can’t afford a renovation

If you own a property that needs repairs or updating and you can’t afford or don’t want to manage contractors call us today at 855-412-8937.  We make cash offers to homeowners at a price that makes sense to them to sell the house in “AS-IS” condition. No matter what the condition we want to discuss buying your home now.


Can’t see the floor?

Anybody who is considered a “hoarder” we have a solution to help you. We will buy the home with no cleaning required.  Take out what you want and we will clean out the rest. If you want to walk out of the house and leave everything behind, we are here to help you.

Don’t want people in your house

House not Selling?

Is your house on the market and not selling?  Did your realtor tell you that they could sell your house for a price that is above market rate for comparable properties in your neighborhood?  For any reason that your house is not selling, call us today to discuss your situation.

Get Started today by calling us at 855-41BUYER (855-412-8937) or by filling out our Contact Information Form.



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