GET A CASH OFFER: 855-41-BUYER (855-412-8937)
GET A CASH OFFER: 855-41-BUYER (855-412-8937)
GET A CASH OFFER: 855-41-BUYER (855-412-8937)


If you have questions about selling your home, you’re visiting the right page.  You’ll find the answers to our most frequently asked questions below that might give you the exact information you need.  If you don’t find the answers to your questions on this page, we’re more than happy to answer your questions personally.  Just give us a call at 855-41BUYER (855-412-8937) or fill out our convenient online contact form anytime.

Is Florida Property Buyers Group a Realtor looking to list my house?
No, we are not Realtors looking to list your house.  At Florida Property Buyers Group we are professional home buyers that will make you a cash AS-IS offer to buy your home.

Why sell my house to Florida Property Buyers Group?

We are real estate investors with 20 years of experience in buying all types of Residential Real Estate in any condition.  We have closed over $50 million in Real Estate transactions and selling to us will make the process easy and hassle free.

Am I obligated to take your offer?

Under no circumstances are you obligated to accept Florida Property Buyers Group offer. We will make you a free cash no-obligation offer to buy your house.

Who typically sells houses to Florida Property Buyers Group?

At Florida Property Buyers Group we buy homes directly from you, the seller, eliminating all agent commissions, home inspections, and appraisals.

  • Needing to sell inherited or probate property quickly
  • Wanting to unload rental property with problematic renters
  • Relocating to another area
  • Going through a divorce and needing to liquidate assets
  • Being behind on mortgage payments or facing foreclosure
  • Not wanting to invest time or money into making necessary repairs
  • Don’t want people coming in and out of your house

The most common trait people who sell to Florida Property Buyers Group share is the need to sell a house fast to a respected, honest home buyer that will ensure a quick, hassle free sale.

What exactly is a distressed house?

We get this question a lot and very often it isn’t about the property itself. Any house in need of repair is what we mean by “distressed” house but sometimes people find themselves in a “distressed situation” and they must sell their house quickly.  We think situations can also make a house distressed, including:

  • Houses with serious structural issues like foundation problems
  • Houses located in less than desirable neighborhoods or high crime areas
  • Houses that are no longer convenient for a homeowner (long commute to work)
  • Houses located in flood plans or in areas prone to the effects of the weather
  • Houses with high interest rate mortgages or undesirable mortgage financing
  • Houses with payments and mortgage balances that are too high for the homeowner to afford
  • Houses that hold bad memories for a homeowner, such as divorce, death of a loved one, or tragic experience
  • Houses with problem renters or vacant investment properties
  • Houses with code violations, liens, or permit issues
  • Houses in need of repairs where the homeowner doesn’t have the financial ability, time or desire to make the repairs.
  • Houses that create any other type of reason for a homeowner to want or need to move, including downsizing or relocating to another city
How does the house buying process work?

This is the #1 question we are asked on a daily basis.  When it comes to this question, the answer to this one always puts homeowners in need of selling at ease.  Here’s our process:

  • Give us some brief information about your house by calling us toll free at 855-41BUYER (855-412-8937), or fill out our Contact Information Form and our Property Specialists will call you back within 24 hours.
  • The property specialist will schedule a visit to your house, explain the entire selling process to you and answer all of your questions before evaluating the condition of your house and making a fair cash offer.
  • If you accept our free no-obligation cash offer, we’ll set up a closing date that is convenient for you and you get paid.
Do I Need To Sell My House Quickly or Can You Buy It In a Longer Timeframe?

We work with your schedule, whether you want to close quickly or take your time closing. We have the capital and resources to close as quickly or as long as you like. Generally, we buy all our houses within 90 days of acceptance of our no obligation cash offer but have closed in as quick as 10 days to accommodate your needs.

Will you pay market value for my house?

After answering your questions and evaluating the condition of your house, our property specialist will make a fair, no-obligation all cash offer on your house discounted from the expected retail value after renovation costs.

Florida Property Buyers Group will buy your house at a price below market value so it can resell after completing renovations for a profit.  However, we will pay cash for your house, pay your normal closing costs, and close quickly so you can move to your next stage of life.  These are conveniences that all add up to a great deal for just about any homeowner with a distressed property or in an difficult situation.

How do you determine the exact price you’ll pay for my house?

Florida Property Buyers Group considers a variety of factors when determining a cash price for your house.  Prior to your consultation and answering your questions, our property specialist will evaluate

  • The location, size, age and features of your home
  • The current condition of your house
  • The cost and extent of repairs and renovations required
  • The amount of time it will take to complete needed repairs and renovations
  • The retail value of your house compared to others in the area after completing repairs and renovations
  • The amount of real estate commissions required to sell the house after repairs and renovations
  • The cost of maintaining the house during repairs and renovations until it’s ready to put back on the market, including insurance, taxes, loan payments, utilities, and more
Do You Only Buy Foreclosures or Distressed Properties?

No, we buy many houses that are in good shape and from homeowners who have no pressing need to sell, but would prefer to have a simple, hassle-free transaction. Many home owners have sold houses the traditional way, going through an agent, and realized that this isn’t always the most effective way to sell their house.  The traditional realtor route requires you to do some renovations and staging of your house, pay a 6% real estate commission, and wait months or sometimes years for an offer.  Florida Property Buyers Group buys houses “AS-IS”, and offers a quick, hassle-free approach to selling your home.

Will Florida Property Buyers Group buy my house if it is in foreclosure?

Yes, we do buy homes in foreclosure.  We keep all information confidential and do not share your personal finances with anyone.  Contact us promptly if your house is in foreclosure so that we are able to buy the house before the foreclosure deadline.

What types of houses does Florida Property Buyers Group buy?

If you have a house to sell, we’ll buy it. It really does not matter what type of house you’re selling, we buy them all – single family, townhouses, condos, and multi-family. You need not worry even if your house is in need of repair or damaged. We buy houses AS IS, in any condition, any price, any area.  The only thing we don’t buy are mobile or manufactured homes.

Do you buy townhouses and condos as well?

Yes, we buy townhouses and condos.  Additionally, we also buy duplexes, multi-family buildings, and even some commercial properties as well.

Will you buy a mobile home?

No, whether tied down or on a fixed foundation, we don’t buy mobile homes of any kind.

How much does Florida Property Buyers Group charge for its services?

Absolutely nothing.  No fee is ever charged by Florida Property Buyers Group to view or make an offer to buy your house.  We are not real estate agents, we don’t list houses, we buy them. We are a direct home buying company helping you sell your house in AS IS condition.  So you save the 6% Realtors’ commission by selling your house and cutting out the middleman.

Am I obligated to you in any way if I call or submit your website contact form with information about my house?

No.  You’re never under obligation when you contact us via phone or our website contact form.  We are here to help you sell your house quickly and will provide, in our opinion, the best advice possible even if we are not able to buy your home.  We will answer your questions, evaluate your house, and make a no-obligation cash offer all free of charge.  We’re happy to give you our time and information.  It’s all up to you whether you decide if our cash offer works for you.

What do you mean by “Cash”?
We do NOT need a loan or any type of approval from an outside source.  We use our own cash to buy your house, which allows us to make the decisions and close fast!  Many other investors borrow money and do not have cash resources to buy your house.

What if my house is already listed with an agent?

You can still sell us your house, however your agent will need to be compensated unless other agreements are made.

What if I’m in the process of evicting a tenant or have tenant troubles. Can I still sell my house?

Yes.  We can close with the tenant occupying the property.

Can I sell my house while in Probate?

Yes.  We will write you a valid offer subject to the completion of the probate, which can usually takes anywhere from 2 to 6 months.

Can you answer more of my Questions?

Sure!  We’re happy to answer any other questions you may have.  Please contact us through our website or give us a call toll free at 855-41BUYER (855-412-8937) to speak personally with one of our house buying experts anytime.



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